AviaVox, a company based in the Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of Artificial Voice Systems for Airports. The Company has developed a software that, through the use of phonemes, generates messages in a multitude of languages. The solutions implemented are technologically innovative in order to obtain the highest quality products and to ensure an optimal intelligibility of voice announcements in the airport.


The announcements appear to have a “natural” diction and are undistinguishable from human voice in all supported languages, thus increasing the communication between the airport and the passengers and providing active support for airport noise management, while creating an environment less hectic and more professional. Important references on AviaVox product date back to 1998 with the supply of AviaVox to Schipol airport in Amsterdam. Other important installations are those in London Heathrow, Madrid, Lisbon, Genoa, Moscow, Brussels, Frankfurt Hahn, and others.


The airport solution proposed is fully integrated, enabling direct interfacing to the AviaVox system with the existing sound system (PA system) and the pre-existing system of public information (FIDS). This integration is the best way to ensure automated operations for daily announcements without the need for human intervention. If an airport wants to ensure the operation of an automated system to artificially generate voice announcements, it is very important that the phoneme database is constantly updated. However, this turns out to be considerably expensive and because of this, in practice only the most important changes are implemented. With AviaVox, there is no need to spend resources for maintenance of the database because this is an integral part of the service offered. AviaVox system is flexible and adapts to the rules of airport announcements and not vice versa, and you can configure independently many parameters, which allow you to set the system to generate exactly the announcements that are needed to the specific airport.

LANGUAGES – continuously evolving

The new languages that AviaVox continually adds to the centralized database are available free of charge to all subscribers. To date, the major languages are available including UK English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Danish and others. New languages are already being released. The voices of AviaVox announcements can not be distinguished from those generated by mother tongue announcers and thanks to the system of phonemes, in case of need for new terms, it is not necessary to use the same speaker because all the “sounds” (phonemes in fact) required for the compilation of the words are already available.


The intelligibility of an announcements in an airport can be optimized in order to:

These functions can be of great value, since each space has its own acoustic characteristics.



Remember that a system of efficient Airport announcements is the most important tool of interaction that an airport has to communicate with its Customers.