2024 – Installation of AIRWARE devices for Self Tagging and Self Drop Off for Ryanair continues

In collaboration with AIRWARE and Ryanair, the installation of the equipment with which Ryanair passengers can carry out labeling and drop-off operations in complete autonomy via the carrier’s App continues. At Fiumicino there are currently 10 Self Tagging stations and 4 Self Drop Off stations installed.

Other active installations are those in Ciampino, Bari and Brindisi. The next installation is expected in Catania, while negotiations are underway at other airports.

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Happy New Year 2024 with the new Arc Data calendar

12 months of top level solutions!

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2023 – Tracking of queue times with XOVIS also in CIAMPINO airport

Aeroporti di Roma has also equipped Ciampino Airport with the XOVIS solution for tracking passenger waiting times at the Security queues.

The installation consists of approximately 30 sensors, thanks to which it will be possible to track in real time and provide predictive data for increasingly efficient management of waiting times.

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2023 - Supply of Self Service kiosks for Delta and United carriers to Rome Airports

In view of the 2023 summer season, AdR has purchased 12 EMBROSS kiosks for Self Service check-in for passengers of the US carriers Delta and United.

The activity, in addition to including installations and calibrations, also includes 12 months of follow up and support.

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2023 - Catania Airport selects XOVIS solution for passenger tracking in terminals A and C

The XOVIS Tracking System will be implemented in the main passenger accumulation areas (check-in, security, boarding) to monitor queues and streamline waiting times.

Catania thus joins the airports in Italy and around the world that have decided to adopt the XOVIS solution, which thanks to its accuracy and reliability provides both real-time and predictive data, as well as historical data that can of course be stored and consulted as needed.

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2022 - Aeroporti di Roma - Fiumicino Airport - Aviavox Public Announcement System

The Aviavox Public Announcement system, already in operation since 2017, has been upgraded using a completely over IP platform, thanks to the use of the BOSCH Praesensa PA system (Dante protocol) setting a new benchmark for the sector.

All system components are networked, thus ensuring maximum flexibility and scalability whether centralised or decentralised.

Terminal and gate announcements are now more secure.

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2021 – New DCS iPort installation in Italy

Treviso airport also joins the network of DCS iPort users. The number of passengers handled by iPort in Italy in 2021 will be 2 million, despite reductions in air traffic movements.

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2020 – Covid-19 in air transport

Arc Data works with its customers to reduce the impact of drastic cuts in air traffic and related revenues. At the same time, Arc Data is taking an active role with solutions such as XOVIS to help manage passenger flows in queues and help maintain safety distances. Public announcements regarding COVID protection measures in the AVIAVOX application are also made available free of charge to all airport customers.

Physical Distancing Management with Xovis 3D Sensors )

Xovis has always been a leader in passenger flow data; even though that data has now changed course, we are still ready to go with the flow. In addition to counting a location’s overall capacity in real time, our sensors can also coordinate management of physical distancing. Our airport software Xovis “Passenger Tacking System” (PTS) helps you ensure the safety of your people when a contagious disease is present.

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2019 – Information to the passengers on shuttle buses

Arc Data has developed an application to install transparent adhesive LED panels on Cobus shuttle vehicles circulating at the Airport and used to move passengers to and from the Terminal from the Aircraft.

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2018 – Public Display Systems: ARC DATA and VESTEL collaboration for the Italian market

Arc Data and the Turkish giant VESTEL will collaborate on the Italian market for the marketing of displays for the FIDS and DIGITAL SIGNAGE sectors.

VESTEL is a technological giant in the field of durable consumer goods that carries out its activities with the mission of making the “highest quality” accessible to its customers and being a leader in the sector in which it operates. VESTEL aims to be the most powerful production and technology group in the world in its sector and to achieve sustainable and controlled development focusing on the production of high quality consumer products. Continuous investment in research and development helps to strengthen the exceptional position on the market.

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2017 – Aeroporti di Roma selects XOVIS as its system for tracking waiting times at the airport

ARC DATA and XOVIS have been selected by Aeroporti di Roma to install the system for detecting passengers’ waiting time at the airport and tracking their movements and habits.The Xovis Passenger counting and Tracking System (PTS) enables airports to reach new levels of passenger flow analysis and steering. Besides the normal passenger counting, process and waiting times in queuing areas can be measured precisely. The behaviour of passengers can be analysed and the passenger flow can be managed by switching the signalization, controlling escalators, etc.At the 53 airports, 288 passenger touchpoints (such as check-in, security control, immigration/passport control, taxi ranks, retail areas, people mover, toilets, baggage reclaim, lounges etc.) are equipped, with a total of almost 7’000 sensors.

With its 3D stereo vision sensors, Xovis PTS guarantees penetration or sample rates of up to 98%, meaning that 98% of all passengers in an area will be registered by Xovis PTS. Even more importantly, the sample remains at this level constantly. Xovis PTS is an extremely precise measurement system. Unmatched sample rates allow to retrieve KPIs on a minute-by-minute basis. The system detects individuals even if they are only 20 cm apart from each other. Also, the 3D stereo vision sensor is stable against lighting changes and shadows. Only optical 3D sensors guarantee precise measurements with constant sample rates of up to 98%, whereas Bluetooth or WiFi based systems are rather statistical approximation than precise measurement.

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2017 – iPort, further Airports in Italy choose iPort

The vast number of Customers already operating in Italy with iPort, now increases with the participation of Pantelleria, Grosseto and Salerno Airports. Passenger movement in 2017 in Italy with iPort System is now expected to be over 2,000,000 passengers. Below is a map showing the airports where iPort is operational. These include Toscana Aeroporti, Cagliari, Ancona, Pescara, Trapani, Trieste, Perugia, as well as AGS Handler (for Verona, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo) and Aviation Services (for Naples, Catania, Bologna, Fiumicino and Ciampino).

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2017 – Aeroporti di Roma: AVIAVOX wins the tender for public announcements at the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino

AVIAVOX system for public announcements asserts itself as the best solution and wins the tender at Aeroporti di Roma. AVIAVOX system is based on phonemes and allows a perfect and indistinguishable message from the human voice in over 24 possible languages and will be implemented in the first months of 2018 in the two Roman airports. Public announcements appear to have a “natural” diction that is indistinguishable from the human voice in all supported languages, thus increasing communication between the airport and passengers and providing active support for airport noise pollution management, while creating a less frenetic and more professional environment.

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December 2016 – Olbia, Bari and Brindisi Airports select PaxTrack

Also the airports of Olbia, Bari and Brindisi have selected Paxtrack from RESA for the Security Check stations in order to improve service and gain more information about the transit of passengers. Paxtrack operates with both fixed gate stations and on mobile terminals. At Aeroporti di Puglia the installation includes the use of fixed gate from Kaba as well as a number of Zebra/Motorola terminals managed by the Security personnel. In conjunction with Crews, Paxtrack also captures data from Gate and Check-in stations for a full integration of the systems. To date in Italy Customers who have chosen Paxtrack are the airports of Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino), SAC Catania and Comiso, ADB Bologna, Geasar Olbia, AdP (Bari and Brindisi).

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2016 – iPort, more installations throughout Italy

With the end of 2016 approaching new important Customers have decided to implement iPort starting from 01/01/2017. Amongst these the airports of Ancona, Cagliari, Perugia, Pescara, Trieste and Trapani. For these airports we are also implementing tools to manage Telex messages to feed Airport or third party systems.

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2016 –AVIAVOX public announcement system for SEA Milano and AdB Bologna

The AVIAVOX solution for public announcements, based on phonemes which allow to send announcements in over 24 languages in a perfect diction and indistinguishable by the human voice (, has recently been adopted by SEA Milan and AdB Bologna airports and is now being implemented. Announcements therefore result to be “natural” and indistinguishable from the human voice in all supported languages, thus increasing communication between the airport and the passengers and providing active support for airport noise pollution management, while creating a less frantic and more professional environment.

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2016 – PaxTrack also at Bologna and Comiso. Expansions at Roma Fiumicino and Ciampino

Bologna Airport has integrated Paxtrack from RESA at the Security Check in order to improve service and acquire information regarding the transiting passengers. Comiso Airport has also chosen PaxTrack for operations at its Airport in connection with Catania Airport which also uses the solution. 

Aeroporti di Roma has acquired new licenses and functions of PaxTrack system as well as installing the Kaba automatic gates for a fully automatic process. PaxTrack can also be used to manage the Fast Track gates or similar (VIP lounge, privileged access points) to allow the adoption of automated management procedures. Currently over 30 million passengers per year are handled in Italy with PaxTrack.

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2016 – Air France – Specialized Technical Support

The collaboration with Air France for specialist technical support in Italy and for the worldwide support of the Vega system migration continues also during year 2016.

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2016 – Printing onboard of Costa Cruises baggage tags for passengers

Installations continue on board the Costa Crociere cruise ships on which the print of baggage tags have been activated for passengers to some airports / carriers to allow these to show up at the airport, having already available both boarding cards and luggage already labeled.

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2016 – iPort, new installations in the world and throughout Italy

The strong growth of iPort DCS continues. The installed base in the world has come to manage more than 25 million passengers. In Italy during 2016 several Customers have joined the group including Aeroporti Toscani (Pisa and Firenze) and Parma Airport. Now also A.G.S. Handler utilizes iPort at Verona and Milano Malpensa, whilst Aviation Services has decided to implement iPort on all their Airports (Fiumicino, Ciampino, Napoli, Bologna, Catania).

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October 2015 – Sogeaal selects RESA’s new Local DCS di RESA and Travsys IATA T-MEC messaging

Alghero Airport has selected RESA’s new Local DCS system inclusive of e-Borders and Radar options for handling passengers from different carriers including Ryan Air. T-Mec application from Travsys is being used for the management of IATA Type-B messaging.

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April 2015 – ADP, Puglia Airports installs Crews CUTE-CUPPS from RESA

Arc Date acquires the contract for CUTE-CUPPS for the airports of Bari, Brindisi, Taranto and Foggia. Although operating mode is CUTE compatible, the installed and running system is CUPPS platform, resulting therefore be the first site in Italy to benefit from the new operational mode.

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February 2015 – Aviation Services selects iPort per managing Vueling’s Load sheets at Fiumicino

The Airport Handler Aviation Services has chosen iPort DCS to manage the Weight and Balance for flights of Vueling in Fiumicino. With iPort they will also be able to manage ACARS messaging.

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2015 – Printing of airline bagagge tags on board for passengers of Costa Crociere

During 2015 the printing of airline baggage tags and boarding passes has been enabled on some cruise ships of Costa Crociere for a selection of airports / carriers to enable passengers to arrive at the airport already having available both the boarding pass and baggage already labeled with baggage tags.

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February 2014 – iPort DCS takes off in Italy

iPort web DCS installations are continuously increasing in Italy with the new activations of Bologna, Milan, Bergamo and Verona for NEOS, of Cagliari for Sogaerdyn and coming installation in Florence for the carrier CityJet.

Worldwide, the number of Carriers managed with iPort by Ground Handlers has exceeded the number of 100 and the total number of passengers handled in 2013 was around 7 million (forecast 2014: 15 million).

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January 2014 – PaxTrack now also in Catania and Ciampino

Also SAC has selected for Catania Airport PaxTrack to manage and trace passenger at the airport, starting from check-in, through security stations, and up to the boarding gates. PaxTrack also allows to have information of the pre-checked passengers (by receiving ADL and PNP messages) so that the A.A. can plan the necessary resources at the airport based on expected passenger flows.

Aeroporti di Roma – which had already adopted PaxTrack at Fiumicino – has decided to extend its functionality in Ciampino for verification at the security gates of the validity of boarding passes of passengers.

PaxTrack can also be used to manage the Fast Track gates (or even VIP/ privileged gates) to enable automated management.

These new contracts are in advanced stage of completion and will become fully operational in the coming weeks .

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July 2013 – Arc Data together with RES2 to supply iPort DCS in Italy

Arc Data is pleased to highlight the collaboration with RES2 for the marketing and support of iPort DCS in Italy. iPort DCS is a modern system, based on web technology and has been designed to allow both Airport Operators and Airlines to benefit from a very high performing system, and to save time and money for the handling activities at the same time.

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JUNE 2013 – COMISO airport “takes off”

On May 31st, Comiso “V. Magliocco” airport was officially opened and will shortly start to work with the first charter and scheduled flights. SO.A.CO., Comiso airport Operator, has selected the services of Arc Data and Resa’s Cute Crews system for the operational activities of check-in and boarding, becoming therefore part of the Crews family in Italy. Good departure to Comiso Airport!

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May 2013 – PaxTrack at Fiumicino

Rome Airport ADR has selected the RESA PaxTrack solution to verify the validity of passengers 2D boarding passes (traditional and on smart phones) at the Security gates. PaxTrack is able to retrieve information from various sources (eg Airport DB) and by scanning any type of boarding document the solution ensures:

To the airports

tracking of passenger, optimization of security gates, statistical analysis related to the passenger habits, etc;

To the Airlines or the Handling Agents

information about the presence of a passenger in the boarding area, connection with the BRS system, etc..;

To the passengers

Display on the airport screens of transit time between different airport areas, personalized information, etc.

PaxTrak can be used with simple handheld scanners, or with automatic turnstile gates. It includes a base module and several optional modules such as Priority Access form, Pax Guide, or Missing Pax. More info here

Aprile 2013 – Il CUTE Crews Resa “torna” ad Ancona

La Aerdorica di Ancona, dopo una breve parentesi con una soluzione alternativa, ha deciso di ritornare ad utilizzare il CUTE Crews di Resa. Il Crews è una applicazione CUPPS che consente di condividere le infrastrutture HW al check-in ed agli imbarchi. Sono oltre 160 le installazioni Cute Crews nel mondo ed oltre 20 in Italia: visita la pagina. Nel 2012 sono stati oltre 49.000.000 in Italia i passeggeri gestiti con il Crews di Resa. Siamo lieti di avere Ancona nuovamente con noi. Bentornati!

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