For effective management and control of airline ground handling operations, Sensus GH provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that allows you to plan, initiate, and monitor your daily maintenance procedures in one place.

From aviation GSE management to personnel resourcing, Sensus GH’s overarching airline and airport ground handling analytics provide you with insights that help you make key efficiencies across vital aviation ground handling operations.

State of the art AI algorithms, combined with a neural network, deliver a constantly improving airport ground handling system, which reduces human input and error. With its smart design we aim to boost visibility, increase quality, and save significant time.

We believe in strong teamwork and this mantra is represented in the airline ground handling software itself – all business units, from operations to management, are working together through a unique flow. The introduction of self-control will also accelerate the speed and accuracy of future ground handling operations and ground handling equipment management.

One complete platform for Ground Handling

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Sensus Virtual Reality and 3D progressive trainings

The system allows the user to simulate de-icing, walkaround, driving, and other procedures for semi-practical training. Our VR GH delivers a unique and engaging experience for trainees to prepare for operations in a practical way that allows for the development of good procedural habits. VR GH aims to reduce mistakes, strengthen procedural knowledge, and simulate extreme situations that are not possible in a real-life environment.

With 3D progressive trainings you are able to have full visual 3D manual, which you can distribute to all employees on the apron. Additionally, this serves perfectly as an outstanding tool for Trainers, where they are able to showcase through the VR how procedure must be executed visually in a very realistic way and where to pay attention. Additionally, each person with a mobile device can utilize such manuals on the field, especially newcomers, who are not certain how to operate particular GSE or forgot some steps.


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