The iPort system is role based and as such adapts itself to the working environment of each user. It is designed to enable both airline and ground handling companies to save time in their day ­to ­day handling tasks. It can also drastically cut both training and connectivity costs, which contributes greatly to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Qualities, such as excellent performance worldwide, modest bandwidth usage, and connectivity with many industry platforms were key factors. After handling thousands of flights and millions of passengers via iPort, we can state that this mission has been accomplished.

With the focus firmly on airport ground handling, we designed a new DCS system specifically with ground handlers and the ground handling process in mind, providing access to functionality as and when required.

The role based set-up of iPort allows us to only distribute one version of the iPort client. iPort is fully configurable. Customers can define their own business rules and carrier settings. Whether load control, check-in handling, multi-leg or single leg, the iPort container deals with it all. The user role determines what is allowed or not.

Modern day ground handling does not just occur at the airport. A variety of other channels are used, including the Internet and kiosks. The iPort suite provides these services as well, including an ancillary sales module that allows an airline to define its own sale items.

iPort Core covers all functionality to maintain the supporting database. Main components: identity management, aircraft, flight and routing data maintenance.

Another innovative feature is database management. Now customers are no longer dependent on their DCS supplier for the input of AHM 565 data, as they have direct access to the online database and their own set of data. Other highly convenient features are online Management Information Reporting tool, Messaging and Flight Control with its smart flight monitor tool.

Simple and efficient roll-outs

  • The unique architecture behind iPort uses the same application whether the customer is a ground handler, airline or airport. In addition, the thin client concept allows us to maintain a single version of the application, creating efficiencies for all users.

iPort Customer deals with all aspects of passenger handling

  • Users automatically see all the active flights for their airport. From there on, the user dialogue is almost completely self-explaining. Select a flight, select passengers (type along functionality), and fill in the relevant fields. API and PSS data will automatically be requested if applicable. Boarding, standby handling and all other functions are one tab away. The application supports both a mouse driven interface as well as short cut keys.



Modulo passeggeri

Amongst others, iPort is certified for the following common use environments: