XOVIS - Passenger tracking system solutions

XOVIS - Passenger tracking system solutions

Swiss-based, Xovis is the market leader in people flow monitoring. More than 45 international airports count on Xovis to measure numerous KPIs such as waiting times, process times and passenger throughput.


Based on the gathered data airports optimize the planning of resources and the use of infrastructure. The combination of 3D sensors and software solutions stands out with unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use. The system includes a sophisticated data privacy concept and does not depend on signal emitting devices. Founded in 2008, Xovis has evolved from a three-man start-up to a high-tech company with more than 80 employees.

The Xovis passenger counting and tracking system (PTS) enables airports to reach new levels of passenger flow analysis and steering. Besides the normal passenger counting, process and waiting times in queuing areas can be measured precisely. The behavior of passengers can be analyzed and the passenger flow can be steered by switching the signalization, controlling escalators etc.


The technology is based on a 3D stereo vision sensor with a powerful, specialized processing engine implemented in FPGA technology that makes it possible to perform a full-image individual passenger tracking on the sensor itself. Since the whole processing is performed on the sensor, no video streaming is necessary and data privacy is guaranteed. A number of sensors with ranges that overlap slightly can be combined for the seamless coverage of larger areas. Passengers can be tracked over the entire area being covered, not limiting the tracking to the viewing range of a single sensor. The Xovis PTS can be used to count passengers with highest accuracy for marketing purposes, resource planning and terminal management. The Xovis PTS provides all necessary features like sensor position visualization in the airport map, data collection, data storage, counting report visualization and export. Besides the high counting accuracy, the Xovis PT2 sensor provides a wide viewing angle, easy sensor exchange without reconfiguration and a maximum of eight counting lines per sensor.

Waiting time measurements at security checkpoints, border controls, check-ins, etc., can be performed reliably with the Xovis PTS. It is a main advantage of the system that waiting times can be measured for every possible queuing situation that exists in an airport.

The data can be used for resource planning to reach and prove the key figures agreed in the service level contracts with the airlines and for comparison with other airports. The service and the customer satisfaction are improved.