February 2014 – iPort DCS takes off in Italy

iPort web DCS installations are continuously increasing in Italy with the new activations of Bologna, Milan, Bergamo and Verona for NEOS, of Cagliari for Sogaerdyn and coming installation in Florence for the carrier CityJet.

Worldwide, the number of Carriers managed with iPort by Ground Handlers has exceeded the number of 100 and the total number of passengers handled in 2013 was around 7 million (forecast 2014: 15 million).

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January 2014 – PaxTrack now also in Catania and Ciampino

Also SAC has selected for Catania Airport PaxTrack to manage and trace passenger at the airport, starting from check-in, through security stations, and up to the boarding gates. PaxTrack also allows to have information of the pre-checked passengers (by receiving ADL and PNP messages) so that the A.A. can plan the necessary resources at the airport based on expected passenger flows.

Aeroporti di Roma – which had already adopted PaxTrack at Fiumicino – has decided to extend its functionality in Ciampino for verification at the security gates of the validity of boarding passes of passengers.

PaxTrack can also be used to manage the Fast Track gates (or even VIP/ privileged gates) to enable automated management.

These new contracts are in advanced stage of completion and will become fully operational in the coming weeks .

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