July 2013 – Arc Data together with RES2 to supply iPort DCS in Italy

Arc Data is pleased to highlight the collaboration with RES2 for the marketing and support of iPort DCS in Italy. iPort DCS is a modern system, based on web technology and has been designed to allow both Airport Operators and Airlines to benefit from a very high performing system, and to save time and money for the handling activities at the same time.

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JUNE 2013 – COMISO airport “takes off”

On May 31st, Comiso “V. Magliocco” airport was officially opened and will shortly start to work with the first charter and scheduled flights. SO.A.CO., Comiso airport Operator, has selected the services of Arc Data and Resa’s Cute Crews system for the operational activities of check-in and boarding, becoming therefore part of the Crews family in Italy. Good departure to Comiso Airport!

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May 2013 – PaxTrack at Fiumicino

Rome Airport ADR has selected the RESA PaxTrack solution to verify the validity of passengers 2D boarding passes (traditional and on smart phones) at the Security gates. PaxTrack is able to retrieve information from various sources (eg Airport DB) and by scanning any type of boarding document the solution ensures:

To the airports

tracking of passenger, optimization of security gates, statistical analysis related to the passenger habits, etc;

To the Airlines or the Handling Agents

information about the presence of a passenger in the boarding area, connection with the BRS system, etc..;

To the passengers

Display on the airport screens of transit time between different airport areas, personalized information, etc.

PaxTrak can be used with simple handheld scanners, or with automatic turnstile gates. It includes a base module and several optional modules such as Priority Access form, Pax Guide, or Missing Pax. More info here

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April 2013 – CUTE Crews is back again in Ancona Aiport

Aerdorica Ancona Airport, after a short interlude with an alternative solution, has decided to use once again RESA CUTE Crews. Crews is a CUPPS application that allows to share HW infrastructure at check-in and boarding gates at the airport. There are more than 160 Cute Crews installations in the world and over 20 in Italy: visit the pageIn 2012 more than 49 million passengers were handled in Italy with RESA. We are pleased to have Ancona Airport with us again. Welcome back!

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